Why We Should Be Happy At Work

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It might sound a little strange to say that we should be happy at work. After all, it’s called work! But we spend more time at our jobs than we do engaged in almost any other activity. If we’re unhappy at work, we’re likely to feel the effects in other areas of our lives, too. Finding ways to be happy at work not only brings you greater productivity and greater job satisfaction, but will help you achieve greater overall mental, emotional, and physical health.

How well do you know yourself? Think about it, we spend a great deal of time getting to know others, but how much effort do we dedicate towards getting to know ourselves? It’s true, as we grow into maturity our perceptions and emphasis on life changes. When we prioritize our lives, we discover some things become meaningfully important, while those things we thought we couldn’t live without, precipitously lose value. Applaud your life and take time to learn yourself, for someday you will look back and realize, living was quite simple, making it complicated was a personal choice. Debra S Clark

Chapter One:
What Is Self?

Too often we stumble through life and take a shallow view of ourselves, our environment, and prevailing forces. And yet, we can do better. We can be better. Our first step is to become aware of who and what we are.
What is the self? This is not a trivial question. To many, the answer might be so obvious that they haven’t given it much thought. Others might proffer up one idea after…

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