Why We Should Be Heading Towards Space Exploration

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Why We Should Be Heading Towards Space

Space exploration is something that has intrigued mankind ever since science fiction writers of old sparked the imagination of the people. Since then, we have made leaps and bounds towards space travel with landing people on the moon, sending satellites to Saturn, the photos from the Hubble Telescope and the rover, Curiosity, on Mars. These advances have provided information that will prove to be beyond measure. While the cost of such information has been high, the benefits of the information has been irrefutable. Ultimately, this information goes to support not only further exploration of space, but also towards technologies that will benefit Earth directly. Two such projects deal primarily with solar power and nuclear waste disposal. Both of these industries would benefit immensely from such a service and would also generate the need for many space flights (Coopersmith, 2012). According to Coopersmith (2012), "Space-based solar power (SBSP) promises gigawatts of electric power with minimum environmental damage." Example like this go to show that the inventions and benefits realized through space exploration reach far beyond the cosmos and into the everyday lives of people.
Right off the bat, the question for most is, with all the benefits realized through space exploration aside, what is the actual cost of these endeavors. The space shuttle program (now retired) was the primary consumer when it came to taxpayer funds. According to

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