Why We Should Be Stopped Immediately

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This is something that need to be stopped immediately. We are wasting billions of dollar every single year for all the wars outside of the country to protect the U.S allies ,keep many big companies benefit in those country where they have business at and keep the “peace” around the world , while there are millions of children in our own country need their indispensable things to live and grow up . “ Numerous of children are black and Latino because they have the highest number of poverty in America.” (Moore, Jina). They are the future leaders for next generations of our country , and they are not receiving what they should have to support them to grow up . In the poor area , many kids can’t have accessories, books, and tools for studying because their parents are not be able to support them , so they will have difficulties to fall in line with the communities . They feel ashamed and get depressed easier than other friends when they compare themselves with their friends in family’s condition . They don’t get the good health services since parent can’t pay for expensive health cover and have to live by government healthcare cover. Children don’t have access to the things they need and have to have, so many of them will not be able to get a good education to graduate high school or going to college . It gets harder for children to get rid of poverty. The more we let the kids live in a bad environment with lack of benefits, education and caring from parents, the bigger chances
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