Why We Should Gmo Be Banned

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About eighty percent of packaged food is infiltrated with harmful substances that is being sold to many people and they do not know what they are even consuming and the detrimental effects it has on them. This is known as a Genetically Modified Organism or a GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms are being sold without it being labeled, so people are not completely informed when purchasing or consuming them. GMOs also have unknown effects and causes that come with it. To protect people from GMOs, the US should ban Genetically Modified foods from being produced and grown in America. Another way to help protect people from eating GMOs is to make all foods sold natural and fresh. In 1935 DNA was Discovered by a Russian scientist by the name of Andrei Nikolaevitch Belozersky (Woosley). In 1982 the FDA approved the first GMO product, the product was introduced as Insulin (Woosley). Insulin is a medicine that regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. If there is too much glucose it could cause a form of diabetes. The first ever…show more content…
GMOs should be banned and prohibited from being in the United States. Due to the GMO products not being labeled, people are consuming something that they thought was something different. People are buying things that they think are natural and fresh when they really could be infiltrated with chemicals and things to make them last longer. If America bans GMOs from being sold in the country, being produced in the country, and if Americans become more educated about the harms of GMOs, America can be a lot safer and not have as much unknown problems. People shouldn’t eat foods that are not natural, that can cause unknown problems. When something is being consumed, they should be allowed to know what they are eating. If thirty-six countries have already banned Genetically Modified Organisms, America should be the thirty-seventh country to do
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