Why We Should Have Dress Codes In School

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You're in English class. The teacher asks a question to the whole class, and you raise your hand. Then your shirt goes up. Instead of getting a smile from your teacher for getting the answer correct, you get a one-way trip to the main office. Well, this is what happens to so many girls at school every day. The dress code Brings girls self-esteem down, and you can miss So Many hours of class time.

First and foremost why schools should have a no-strict dress code is because it brings girls self-esteem down. When girls get dress coded they might feel: sad, angry, annoyed and upset. And especially body shamed. “As a women, I know almost no women who like their body, who feel good about there body, almost none, but you don’t know how it got there,” Perlman said in an interview. As a result, Dress codes are body shaming girls from when they were in their teens, to adulthood. The average number of girls getting dressed coded has increased by 20% in the past year! That’s crazy! About most of the dress code, girls feel body shamed! One 15-year-old girl said, “I feel bad because it's my body... and there's no reason for the school to be telling me to cover up,” she said. Lastly, if schools had a less strict dress code with the excuse of girls showing too much skin, we would all be more confident with our
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Some may be accurate, but some aren't. When somebody thinks about a dress code they think strict, annoying, and aggravating. somebody might disagree by saying, “It would be a distraction to boys” Why would this be? Well, good question. People might think this because girls would show off a lot of skin, and boys wouldn't be able to think and concentrate on their work in school.

Well I think that boys should learn that girls aren't attractions. Boys in high school look at girls collar bones. They might think it's all fun in games, but it's not! It is a VERY serious
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