Why We Should Have The Right To Bear Arms Essay

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Ever since 1364 when the first account of a firearm was recorded humans have wanted to control guns. Gun control would eventually travel with Columbus when he first came to America and set up the first colony called Jamestown. And there would be rules regarding weapons on the Mayflower compact.
There has been gun law since the original 13 colonies, and even back then you were not able to own an assault weapon. One of the first documents of the original colonies linked to the right to bear arms with a militia was the English Assize of Arms of 1181. The English Assize of Arms gave every free man the right to own weaponry.This assize of arms leads to more and more laws related to weapons which will lead to having the second amendment in the constitution. The second amendment clearly doesn’t give U.S. citizens the right to own assault weapons.
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citizens should not be able to own true assault weapons. Using the technical definition of assault is an assault is any willful and unlawful attempt or offer to do bodily harm to another with force or violence. Since making a physical attack on a person already is a crime, an assault weapon would be a weapon that is used to assault a person this would be 3rd-degree assault is assault with a deadly weapon which could but up to 1 year in prison. The second amendment only gives you the right to bear arms not the right to assault a person, not the right to assault someone. So by taking the technical definition of assault, the second amendment doesn’t give U.S. citizens the right to own assault weapons.
Even though the second amendment doesn’t directly give Americans the right to own assault, there are ways for citizens to own weapons. So the second amendment gives the right to an organized militia. A militia is all able-bodied men of the certain age of eligible usually 18. This is why the second amendment to the constitution only give the right to organized militias because militias used to have boys as young as
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