Why We Should Have Year-Round Schooling

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Have you ever wondered why teachers take a whole month to review everything from the previous year or why students tend to forget everything? Every year, students are keeping their calendars at hand and counting down the days until summer vacation. It’s the last day of school and when the final bell rings, kids are ready to do nothing for three months. However, is this really a good thing? The possibility of having year-round schools is at hot debate topic right now and it is time for change from traditional calendar schools. Schools should incorporate a system where schooling is year-round instead of having a long summer break because this allows for more learning and would prevent the problem of students forgetting everything they’ve…show more content…
However, some people argue that having a system of a year-round school year is not very beneficial. Although there are many studies that support year-round schooling, there are also many studies that don’t. Many recent studies have found no significant connection between year-round schooling and improved student achievement. For example, a review of 39 studies found that modified school calendars have very small, insignificant, effect on achievement (Cooper, et al., 2003). Another argument that is made for having a traditional calendar is that despite year-round schooling generating strong feelings, it can also generate negative feelings in that it is disrupt to family life. Having a traditional calendar allows families to spend valuable time together and go on a well needed vacation. The traditional calendar allows students to relax and refresh themselves and get ready for next year.
As a student, this issue affects me immensely as I experience the results firsthand. From personal experience, I can say that year-round schooling is much better because after every summer, my peers and I tend to forget most of what we’ve learned, causing teachers to spend valuable teaching time to review with us. I also believe that during the many days that we have summer vacation; we could learn a lot more. Although many people view summer vacation as a time to spend valuable time with family, from
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