Why We Should Legalize Prostitution

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In our society today we are currently bombarded with so many issues that cloud our mind we tend to forget about our own self-being. We still see, and hear about the even larger amounts of opinions people have about issues that have may have moral backing . We as students are always thinking of new ways to address these current issues on a daily basis. Being the generation of new aged technology, and social interaction these taboo things that may be “weird” may become our actual reality in the future if we cannot reach to have open forms to discuss. With this in mind, I would like for you to imagine having the pleasures of paid sex, at your fingertips at any given time without the fear of repercussion from societies moral ideas? Could one actually live a comfortable life paying for sex all the time, or do we still in a prohibitionist society ? If you have not figured it out by now I would like to explain the reasons why we should legalize prostitution. I will go over the reasons why legalizing and the decriminalization of prostitution would benefit the general public, economy, and the welfare of society. In addition, portray some views from profound philosophers ( John Rawls, and Robert Nozick) which in my research, see to promote the legislation of prostitution. I will also address a number of arguments against the legality of prostitution that include issues of sex trafficking increases. Since the mid 1980’s the debate about prostitution has been persistent, but has
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