Why We Should Limit The Intake Of Fast Food Essay

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Fast food has ruled American society over the last few generations and it is still favorites of many. Fast food is now served everywhere like restaurants, shopping mall, school/colleges, stadiums, airports and even at hospital’s cafeteria. Indeed, the rapid growth of fast food industries has altered landscape, economy, human resources, and culture besides American diet. There are multiple reasons why we eat certain types of food. It can be financial situation; neighborhood you live in or a need of easy food. Michael Pollan writer of Omnivore’s Dilemma, explained the sources of fast food and the process of making fast food that burns down the real nutrition from the food. There are several reasons to justify why we should limit the intake of fast food; nearly one- third of Americans are over weight and are suffering from different kinds of health conditions, unreliable ingredients are added to fast food about which consumers are not aware, fast food is also a reason of major economy changes of America and moreover it has destroyed the American food culture. There are many health related risks when it comes to consuming fast food. Yet the customers never bother to think about the food they are consuming and where its coming from. For instance, many Americans dine out everyday which has made them hard to sustain a healthy diet. Fast food has full of calories, modified corn starches, sugar, fats and overly processed. Each thing that we consume everyday will
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