Why We Should Live Within Their Means

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1) People should live within their means, means that what people spend each month should be less than or at least equal to the amount they bring in each month. This means that people should live well with the money they have. It is not how much people makes that matters, but how they make do with what they have.
a) According to the article “Know Your Limits- Young People Should Learn to Live Within their Means” Pack said that if you want to get a handle on your finances, you have to begin to distinguish between wants and needs. If you are not careful, your wants soon becomes necessities. Understanding the difference between a need and a want is the first step toward eliminating wasteful spending and putting yourself on the path to successful saving.
b) Pay attention to every penny you spend to acquire the things you need. Once you become economical with cash you will begin to rethink how you use credit. We buy things on credit that we would think twice about purchasing if we had to use cash. Using cash will free you from credit card bondage.
c) If you want to achieve financial security, you have to develop a certain attitude. You have to stop whining about not having enough money and do better with what you have. People should use simple wisdom to save enough to provide financial security for themselves.
d) Priorities lead to prosperity. According to Mathew 6:21 New King James Bible, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. If you put your

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