Why We Should Not Abolish Capital Punishment

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America should not abolish capital punishment because modern crime scene science and DNA testing can prove whether the perpetrator is guilty, or not. This certainty means that jury members will be less indecisive, overpopulation in the prison system will be lessened, and prisoners already serving a life sentence will be deterred from killing others. With the certainty of innocent people will not be executed, jury members who were reluctant to convict for an execution now can know with certainty that they would not be putting an innocent civilian to death. However, this case may not even be needed because, "many states require any jury members to be polled during the pre-trial examination to be sure they have the stomach to sentence someone to death before they're allowed to serve" (). So, by refusing to put a guilty criminal to death, for a crime that was extreme enough to require capital punishment, they would have lied on their pre-trial examination to get in, which could be a criminal offense. Overpopulation in prison's is a problem across America. Each extra prisoner require food, clothes, guards, all of each cost money. This money is taken out of…show more content…
But with modern crime scene science and DNA testing prosecutors have a bargaining tool with the prisoners. Those in life imprisonments will have a deterrence against a guard, or another prisoner. Also, prosecutors will then have an easier job helping the perpetrator admit to guilt, which would diminish drastic measures that create more trials and will necessitate more tax payers dollars. However, with the bargaining tool of capital punishment the time, cost, and the personnel requirements of the case is cut for the prosecutor. Cutting the cost and time of court employees, and tax payers dollars with the use of DNA testing is of vital importance because of the large expense that capital punishment would be without modern crime scene
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