Why We Should Not Have Textbooks In Schools

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Wyatt walks into the eye doctor. His eyes are deteriorating from staring at a screen all day. In all of his classes, he has to work on his computer because they got rid of all the textbooks. All the textbooks are online now and it is tough for him to concentrate. He walks into the eye exam room with a sense of fear. “Wyatt… I have awful news. Your eyes are getting worse by -1.25 in the last year,” Dr. Ross, the eye doctor, said. Wyatt’s heart wrenched in pain. He was going to need glasses if he wanted to be an exceptional student. Wyatt is only 6 years old and technology is recently developing. This means he is going to have awful vision in the upcoming years. The computers have ruined his eyes and many other people’s too. Certainly, there are different opinions on whether schools should have tablets or textbooks. Textbooks should be kept in schools rather than computers because it affects mental and physical health, kids in general, and can have economic effects.

Most people are unfamiliar with the fact that the tablets affect kid’s excuses. Kids will start developing a habit of saying that they lost their homework in their drive. Tablets can aid students make excuses for missing homework or classwork. Many kids can say they “lost” their homework in their drive, meanwhile they didn’t do it. According to, “opponents of tablets say that they are expensive, too distracting for students, easy to
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Tablets affect kid’s mentally, physically, and emotionally. This can hurt how they work in school. Tablets will influence health, cost, and excuses. We need to step up and get rid of tablets or in future generations, everybody will need glasses. Nobody will be able to spell or handwriting things due to tablets. Everyone should pick up their heads and realize that tablets are destroying our eyes, handwriting and spelling abilities and our intellectual and physical
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