Why We Should Not Separate Schools

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Have you ever been to a school that is separated by gender? I do not think schools should have different schools for different genders. I think this because of the drama and fighting, prices, and the lack of company and friends. In this essay I’ll be persuading you, the reader why Chesterfield County Public School Board should not separate schools by gender. To begin with, there will be more drama and/or fighting. If the school board were to separate schools, I believe females would cause a lot of drama by themselves, maybe even leading to a physically point. I feel as if there would be a lot more rumor spreading. Many might feel upset and/or angry about the change of environment and take it out on others. This is only one of the many reasons, but not a very important one.…show more content…
Having two different schools would cost two times as more.There would be electricity bills, water bills, and etc. for them both, and depending on how much they use them, It might cost even more. Some teachers buy supplies for students and it might cost more for the teachers and staff. There is probably even more reasons to why you wouldn’t want two bills, but these are just a few narrowed down ones. Lastly, the dreadful lack of company and/or friends. Some people have friends or companions of the opposite gender, to separate them would be like “ torture “ to them. Some others dislike to become friends with the same gender and would enjoy more to become friends with the opposite gender. Many people don’t even have friends and it now being lowered down to a even smaller variety , it would be even more difficult.This is yet another reason why I think Chesterfield County Schools shouldn’t separate genders. Finally, I don’t understand the reasoning behind wanting to separate schools in the first place. Why does it matter? Maybe some of you don’t think the same way.You have to keep others in mind as
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