Why We Should United States Allow Refugees

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Thousands of Syrians are trying to escape their government and the terrorist group ISIS. Many wonder why we should let refugees in America, or why any country should allow them. But if Syrian’s cannot come to the land of the free, why should any foreigners come? Syrians have just as many reasons to be in America as anyone else. For example, the education, children’s hunger and freedom. The U.S. should let Syrian refugees in the United States to settle, but only a select few. According to Elizabeth McBride, a writer for, Razan is a mom of a family of four from Damascus. Her family left after their youngest son, Ibrahim, witnessed his father getting killed in a protest against the Syrian government. Looking at this example, it becomes clear that some Syrians…show more content…
This percentage is higher than Americas. Razan’s oldest son, Suleiman, has taught himself graphic design by watching YouTube videos, and he is already working. Also, Sarah, her oldest daughter wants to study English Literature. This is yet another clear reason for Syrians to come to America. With these opportunities for refugees, it offers more jobs and money for the U.S. and the employment rate. Did you know that the inventors of Google and Intel are refugees? A refugee from Communist Hungary, Andy Grove, is the founder of Google. He also is a Russian born son from the Soviet Union. However, some argue that all terrorist are coming to attack America. Americans believe this is because of the attacks on the Twin Towers building on 9/11. Eighteen of the 19 terrorist involved in the 9/11 attacks held over 30 valid identification cards from 5 different states, according to, WTF, an upcoming book by Larry Benson and Andy Bulhoz. What we Americans fail to recognize is 748,000 refugees have resettled since the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Therefore, it is plain to see that it is very small percentage of the attacks taking
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