Why We Shouldn T Cell Phones Be Allowed In Schools

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Imagine yourself in math class trying to do your work, and you hear or even feel buzzing. You soon start to get distracted. You check to see if it was a message or an Instagram alert, but your teacher thinks that you’re cheating. She takes your paper and your phone. Therefore, cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in any classroom. Cell phones shouldn’t be allowed in classrooms because kids get too distracted. According to David Rapp, author of ‘Lift the Cell Phone Ban,” students use their cell phones to harass other students. Students are bullied, or bully at school and on the internet, but now it’s at school with an embarrassing picture of you or a teacher floating through kids Snapchat stories. Not only are cell phones causing a distraction, but they’re also cheating tools. David Rapp explains that when in class during a test or quiz, students often text each other the answers. They might even Google them. The students who cheat, often don’t have a bright future.…show more content…
Linda Matchan, author of “Schools Seek Balance For Cellphones In Class,” says that when using cellphones in class, the test scores went up 6.41 percent. Also, the teachers have programs that help students who might be struggling with a subject. There are many websites, apps, and programs that help kids who need extra practice in Reading and Writing, or Mathematics. Still, the thought of cell phones shouldn’t be accepted. In most schools, they have computers or laptops; but students still take the advantage and go on things that they are not allowed
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