Why We Shouldn T Gmo Be Banned

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GMO’s or Genetically Modified Food is one of the most controversial topics that have been studied and debated for over 40 years. Scientists on both sides of the spectrum claim that these modified foods are safe for consumption, but also some argue that these foods are toxic and very harmful to human life. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms that are created and added in a lab experiment where DNA are extracted from one gene and added to another plant or animal. This allows the genes to mix with the DNA to create a desired product. For example, bigger apples, larger oranges, taller animals, and plants that can survive the changing climate. GMOs are different from organic food and products because chemicals and DNA modification is not needed for these natural stuff.…show more content…
Dating back to hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were able to selectively breed with each other to create different plants and traits. They would do these through crops to produce a much larger amount in a shorter amount of time. Our ancestors were much advanced just like we were without the use of technology. They had to experiment in order to adapt to the environments they lived in. GMO’s are a positive powerful tool in helping modify plants and animals in order to better be adapted to the
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