Why We Shouldn T Go To Mars

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To go to space, we have to buy everything our president owns 76 times ($230 billion dollars). Going to space would cost so much money, and that money can be used here on Earth. Also, there are many unknowns and health issues in the barren space of space. We should NOT go to Mars, it is a stupid decision. Money is a huge problem when it come to going to space. It would cost $230 billion to go to Mars. To put this into perspective, the government makes $4.1 trillion in taxes each year and our country owes China $19 trillion. There is no way that we could do a manned mission to Mars with all that money we owe. We could spend our money on feeding and sheltering the poor as well. This shows that going to Mars is way too expensive and it would be a huge waste of money if anything went wrong. With everything we can do with money on Earth, going to Mars is a huge waste of time and resources.…show more content…
We don’t know if there is a disease out in pace that could well be fatal. Being on a long trip to Mars could cause degeneration in muscles, bones, and your heart. Astronauts also need a bunch of exercise as well. Without it, he/she is likely to experience heart problems because it would be too weak to return to Earth’s gravity. Lastly, there is a LOT of radiation exposure in space. Gary Marin, director for advanced programs at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration said, “Being away from the Earth for three years would mean every cell of your body would be transversed by a galactic ray, and we just don't know what that would do to people." All these health risks add up to an astronomical danger. We need to test how our body reacts to long trips in space before we take take the big leap for
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