Why We Shouldn T Wear Uniforms

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Do you like when you and you're bestfriend wear the same outfit? I don’t care honestly, I like to be unique and different from everyone else, but i'm not upset whenever someone dresses like I do. Well, in some schools kids don’t get to choose their outfits, the school gives them uniforms whenever they register for school. One bonus to schools providing uniforms is that kids won’t get bullied as much. One problem with that is kids won’t be able to express who they are. Whenever you look at someone you automatically know a summary about them. You can tell if a person is going to be disrespectful or dramatic by the way they talk, walk, sit. Well, in some school that doesn't happen everyone dresses the same every single day. You might get too…show more content…
Just because you dont have the nicest stuff or you're not popular doesn't mean you're not equal to them. Many kids think money what buys popularity, but in the inside we are all the same. Schools that have uniforms are trying to prevent some of these known things, and they are trying to do the best for everyone. I agree with schools that have uniforms, it makes the kids all feel equal, which people dont see everyone as equal, and they should. Many kids come home to families that do drugs and smoke, which can lead to abuse. Many people don’t know what the people they are making fun of life at home is like. These days people don’t care about how the other person is going to feel, it makes them feel like they have all power, but it makes them really look bad. Studies shown that schools with uniforms are less likely to have kids being bullied. This is because everyone looks the same so there are less reasons for someone to pick on someone else. The idea of having school uniforms too to lessen the chance of someone hurting themselves because of a rude comment someone else made. Schools make big decisions for a reason not too just make the school mad. Uniforms are great ideas that are becoming more popular as the changes are
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