Why We Work Summary

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Why do we work? Majority believes that we work for the benefit of money, but Schwartz believes we wouldn’t work if we didn’t get paid and money isn’t the core of why we do what we do. Schwartz believes the reason we work is based on how we consider our work. Do we consider our work as a job, career, or a calling? Our attitude towards the work we do greatly affects why we do it. Schwartz talks about how we believe only certain kinds of jobs permit people to find meaning, engagement, discretion, autonomy, and opportunities to learn and grow, but any job can provide the same opportunities if you’re doing it for the right reasons. Why We Work presents how different work environments and situations show how your opinion of the work you do affects the reason you do it. Those who find their work to be a job are generally unsatisfied with the work, enjoy little discretion and experience minimal engagement or meaning making the only reason to work money. Adam Smith supports the theory that we only work for pay by claiming not everyone can be satisfied with their work and unsatisfying work is the price we pay for material prosperity. I think people who consider their work a job do it because they see it as a necessity, work or risk losing their materialistic possessions. In Skinners study, he showed that animal behavior…show more content…
If you company were rigid, monotonous, and punitive you wouldn’t think of it as a calling, but more as a job or career because you are forced to do things in a systematic way. This leaves little to no room for you to bring your creativity to work making the monetary reward received for working your primary reason to go to work. When working in a less hostile workplace where creativity is encouraged; your work becomes meaningful, you are more engaged and can craft your job into your calling where you can be satisfied with what you do and receive monetary
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