Why We Work and Changing the Approach to Work

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THE WAY WE WORK AND CHANGING APPROACHES TO WORK Changes in the way we work, the workplace and the role-assignment are not invisible to anyone. The fact that we work differently and our approach to work has changed is widely acknowledged in modern discourse. These changes can be attributed to numerous factors including cultural shifts, changes in cultural beliefs and values, need for better quality of life, rising cost of living, changes in science and technology and of course growing access to education. CHANGE IN THE ROLE ASSIGNMENT AND CHANGES IN STATUS OF WOMEN When one travels back in history, in the 1950's, women were given specific roles in society. If you were a woman then your role was to be a housewife and take care of the kids. The husband would go out and work whereas the woman would clean the house, cook the food, and nurture the children. Parents did not bother much with the education of their daughter and rarely females were allowed to go for post-graduation. Many societies back then did not allow a woman to marry who she liked and the trend for arranged marriage was dominant. Such behavior by man was derived from some religious doctrines and ideas presented by Darwin. Darwin had claimed that the best genes are transferred to the males as compared to the females. Ideas like these psychologically programmed the human mind that women are inferior as compared to men. Moreover religious doctrines like the Bible states that it was Eve who came under the
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