Why Welder Use Blueprint Research Paper

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Blueprints are used every day, all around the world. A blueprint is a detailed drawing sowing anything and everything needed to know how to make a part. They are used to help communicate ideas from the engineer to the worker. Any job where you make things like buildings, cars, parts, etc. uses blueprints. Construction workers, welders, even wood workers use them. Prints look complicated, but they are very simple once you learn about all the parts that make them up. A blueprint uses three basic elements: lines, dimensions, and notes. Lines, show edges and help in dimensioning. Dimensions, tell how big something is. Notes, give information not shown by lines and dimensions. A print can have up to six views, but usually only three are needed.…show more content…
Using a print can save time, so the welder doesn’t need an engineer there by their side telling them what to do next. They help avoid confusion by letting the welder know exactly what they need to do. Using prints helps save money, the engineer does not have to micromanage the welder, thus letting them get more work done on their own. The prints quickly and easily communicate ideas from engineer to welder or fabricator. These are just some of the reasons why welders use blueprints. Some other reasons are as follows. Prints simply show how something is made. They help the welder know what procedures to use. They let the welder know how to finish the welds. Prints tell what processes to use. They can also tell a welder what kind of finish to put on a weld. Weld symbols are a standard set by AWS (American Welding Society). The welding symbol consists of a reference line, an arrow, and a tail. The reference line is used to apply weld symbols to the welding symbol. The arrow points to the joint being referred to. The tail is used for notes and other specifications. Weld symbols are placed on the reference line to indicate what type of weld to place at the joint specified by the
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