Why Welding Is A Dangerous Job

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Most of the dangers in welding are related to the wielder. Others are due to the environment that they have to go to. In welding, most people can do most all things people would want to do. The four main types of welding are Shielded Metal Arc Welding (The stick or SMAW), Metal Inert Gas welding (Mig or GMAW), Oxyfuel Gas Welding (Oxyfuel or OFW) and Tungsten Inert Gas welding (Tig). Welding is also a great career path because it pays well. The only drawback to it is that the wielder will have to travel. In welding, there are three main careers they can go into. There are structural, pipe, and Tig welding. Welding has a lot of big names. Lincoln and Miller are two of the biggest welding companies in the world. Even though welding is a dangerous job, welding is a good career because there are many different things people can do in a welding career and many types of jobs in a welding career.
There are a lot of dangers in welding. Some of the dangers are ergonomic, electric shock, ultraviolet light, toxic fumes and gases, heat, and noise. Ergonomic is a danger because the work environment the wielder never knows where the wielder will be working. The work conditions can range from really cold to really hot. In the workplace the wielder could be welding anywhere from the top of skyscrapers to the bottom of the oceans. The ultraviolet light in welding is harmful because it is like the radiation from the sun and it can damage the wielder’s skin. The ultraviolet light is
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