Why Were Attila The Hun 's Military Tactics Effective?

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Identification and Evaluation of Sources
The research question for this paper is as follows: To what extent were Attila the Hun’s military tactics effective? The importance of this question stems from the fact that Attila the Hun is one of the greatest military leaders of all time and his military tactics helped to contribute to the fall of the Roman Empire. The Hun’s military practices, important battles between the Huns and other militaries and their outcomes, and Attila’ s importance to their success are issues that will be covered. The paper will focus on Attila’s time as ruler, which stretched from 435-453 CE. It will also be focusing on the area of the Hunnic Empire and both the Eastern and Western Roman Empires. The research will come from primary and secondary sources. It will answer the research question through the research of Attila the Hun’s military strategies and techniques and its effectiveness against opposing militaries.

The origin of Attila the Hun; Leader of the Barbarian Hordes, is a book written by Sean Stewart Price and published by Scholastic Inc. It was written in 2009, which gives it a very modern perspective, so it has less context of the period in which this happened. It is a secondary source and was written in the US. The purpose is to bring the overall history of Attila and the Huns to a younger audience. The intended audience being teenagers and young adults. Its value comes from the fact that it is a very balanced book in its perspective. It

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