Why White Suspects Are Treated Better Than Black Victims Essay

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The media is inherently biased, the worst group of people represented is African-American men, contrary to white suspects who are treated far better by the media. This will continue to happen for as long as a rich white man is in charge. My research topic for this will be why white suspects are treated better than black victims, and what they go through because of this racist media. First, it is important to see just how bad black victims are represented in the media as opposed to white suspects or killers. In Alabama, 2010, Amy Bishop, who at the time worked at the University of Alabama, shot and killed three colleagues and further wounded another three because her job was coming to an end. How she was represented in the media however was not as a cold blooded killer, rather the headline stated “Ala. Shooting Suspect Brilliant, But Social Misfit” (Anon, 2015). Whereas black victims are often slandered, a headline announcing the murder of Gregory Allen Ross read “Police: Slain Lakeland Teen Had Been Shot Before; Death Possibly Drug-Related” (Allen, 2014) the following media accounts thought it was relevant to tell the world about his past arrests and the fact that he had been shot before as what could only be their uninformed guess at why he was murdered, despite none of these details bearing any relevance to the story or the situation. This may seem almost unbelievable, nut it is happening every day in the United States of America. Michael Brown was an 18 year old black

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