Why Who And Where When You Grow Up?

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The Why and What of Who and Where Since pre-school dress up and kindergarten work-sheets, the question of “what do you want to be when you grow up?” has been present. With time the question has transformed along with the child. It tangles itself into conversations with parents and peers, all the way into college when the question becomes: “So what do you want to do with your degree?” The steadfast inquiry clings close, whether it be a pleasant companion or worrisome pest, until its final transition from question to answer. No longer is it what will you be, but who you have become. No longer is it what you will do, but what now can accomplish in your calling turned career.
Why I Am Who I Am Young, naïve, and barely old enough to handle such a concept, I was hopeful the first time I heard one particularly fascinating bible-story: the daring reveal that the villain of the story, none other than Satan himself, was once an angel. At first it seemed like a pleasant surprise, an inspiring possibility that perhaps the devil would repent and rejoin the good side, so all could be well in the world again. Time, and a kind rebuttal from my Sunday-school teacher, doused such fanciful notions, but the story has never left me. Year after year the notion of Satan’s origins wander through my brain, leaving me with two very distinct thoughts. First, if there was purity in the devil, surely there was some good in everyone; and secondly, if an angel could create so much darkness,…
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