Why Wolves And Dogs Are Considered As A Sub Species Of The Wolf Species

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There are a lot of discussions about whether wolves and dogs belong to the same species or not. Recently dogs were reclassified from “canis familiaris” to “canis lupus familiaris” what means they are considered as a sub-species of the wolf species “canis lupus”. However, they are extremely close relatives and genetic studies prove that both share a common ancestry. We can consider a dog like tamed or domesticated form of a wolf. Even if they have a lot of similarities in common, there are also a few differences. Domestication often implies retention of juvenile characteristics and there we are already pointing to one of the biggest differences between both, their mental state. Dogs never really reach maturity. In fact we can mentally compare them to a 10 to 30 days old wolf puppy. It is this little but very significant trait which makes it possible for us human to domesticate dogs so well. It would be almost impossible to domesticate a wolf.

People often say that dogs are very smart animals, and indeed they are, but wolves are generally more intelligent and more aware of their environment.
Apart from the mental differences we can also enumerate physical differences.

You can recognize a wolf on its penetrating almond shaped eyes. Whereas dogs mostly have blue or brown eyes, wolves always have yellow eyes.

Due to a different diet and in particular because of the hunting, wolves have larger and thicker canine teeth than domestic dog normally do. In addition to that they
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