Why Women Commit Crime?

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This paper goes into great detail on explaining the reasons on why women commit crime. I will be focusing on risk factors that young girls face in adolescence that may lead them to a spiral path down the criminal justice system. This research will focus on the traumas of sexual assault, domestic violence, poverty, the use of narcotics, and many other risk factors that may trigger young and middle aged women to commit acts of violence. There will also be information presented on an interview conducted with a close friend. There are three women that I will be focusing on as well, Aileen Wuornos, Karla Faye Tucker, and Andrea Yates, whom of which are prime examples of women who fell into a life of crime through childhood traumas.

Why Do Women Commit Crime? Why do women commit crime? Society has misinterpreted the idea that women are nurturing gentle beings who do not house one bad bone in their body. Yet, many women do fall through the cracks and slip into a life of crime. This life of crime could result in the risk factors that a lot of young adolescent girls face. Why do these risk factors drive women to steal, commit fraud, and murder? Through this research, you will be informed on the physical, psychological, and emotional traumas that affect young girls and place them at risk for a journey into prison. With the proper therapies and treatment, we may be able to prevent a lot of women from reentering the criminal justice system. In 2007, according
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