Why Women Get Involved in Prostitution

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Prostitution has been going on for many centuries. Many studies have gone on, researching and trying to understand on why women get involved with prostitution and the main effects it has on then. Some report the main causes of early prostitution was due to poverty and deviance. Many see it as a career, a way to make a living and survive and provide for their families. “Studies show that many women engage themselves in such activities as prostitution by their own choice, forced into it, or because of their own mental health state.”(Chudakov 305)
The start of prostitution started centuries. In the beginning many women were obligated to have sex with men. Along with citizens from other countries being forced onto cluttered boats to come to
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Once they have the child they need to find a way to support them. This is where it leads into adult prostitution and drug dealing in order to support their new family. Once someone is involved in drugs and prostitution it is very hard for them to get out. They are used to the lifestyle and find it as a type of addiction. When a person starts prostitution at a young age, they grow into it. They do not learn how to live a decent and healthy lifestyle. Many teens and adult women who get involved into prostitution come from poor, abusive families and have very little education. (Flowers 89-91)
A study done by Joanna Phoenix in 2000 discusses “women’s sustained involvement in prostitution. In the late twentieth century it is taken for granted that women’s involvement in prostitution can be explained in terms of poverty and/or vulnerability to predatory men. However, closer examination of the stories that prostitute-women recount reveals that their narratives are marked by a paradox that inheres in the contradictory effects of involvement in prostitution and the antithetical representations of prostitution offered by the women.” (Phoenix 37) In the study Phoenix does not support or go against either side. Her studies primarily argue that women freely enter into prostitution because of economic rewards, she also argues that their continued involvement makes sense with in their social and material conditions in which they live. (Phoenix 38) Secondly
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