Why Women Have For Do Housework?

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Why Women Have to do the Housework?
“Ngan, have you finished washing the dishes?” “Where are my socks?” “Have you not ironed my t- shirt? ‘’. These inquiries play again and again in my mind. I have always wondered why my brother does not have to do chores as much as I do. . I spend eight hours at work then come home to cook and clean. Although the second shift is familiar, the reasons that result in this issue is still what I am trying to discover.
Firstly, there are stereotypes associated with each gender; both of which differs in various characteristics and personality traits. In her article, Tamra Cohen points out the initial characteristic of women is caring. Taking care of children is more appropriate than male due to this quality.
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This also causes a concern all the housework claims on women because women are gifted at looking after.This explains why women always feel insecure, they try to protect and indulge while father tends to hard their children.
On the other hand, the second trend appeared in the nineteenth century. The difference between male and female constitution forms all the housework is women jobs. According to Family.org, since the nineteenth century, men who are stronger performance their works in workshop while women who are gentler plays an important role at home. As men began to specialize in paid work, housework became increasingly linked to women. In the early nineteenth century, the ideology of separate spheres, associating men with the (public) workplace and women with the (private) home, became popular. According to this ideology, the home was viewed as pure, serene, and secure, as opposed to the impure, unsympathetic, and uncertain work world. Women, perceived as pious, virtuous, and submissive, became the rightful guardians of the domestic haven, even as their role in productive labor declined. Although more fantasy than reality, particularly in poor and working-class families, the "cult of true womanhood" linked women 's "nature" with the performance of family work.
Therefore, a more accurate conclusion is that as the Industrial Revolution rules all the companies, people separate from home
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