Why Women Live Longer Than Men?

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Body Matters [Customer name] [Course name] [Date] The aim of this essay is the discussion of the question, “Why women live longer than men?” In which study does the answer to this question lies? Body Matters Numerous people, psychologists, literary critics, scientists, doctors and many more have tried to answer this question. They seem to be providing an unsatisfactory answer because people come up with statistics to prove them wrong medically or psychologically. It has been noted how females have a seven year longer life span than males. “136:100” is the average ratio of women to men in elder age of 65 living (Kathleen et al, 2011). Other statistics also include how females have longer and better lifestyles than men. At the age of 85, there are four women living as opposed to a single man (Shukraj, 2006). Women might have a health decline but they tend to stay alive longer than men in all circumstances. The impacts on women might be biological, nutritional, psychological or even societal; women live longer than men all over the world. It has also been noticed that men might end their lives because of certain pressures and these men contribute to the theory that women live longer than men. At the age of 100 and above, there are two women living as opposed to a single man. This ratio may vary in different regions of the world however it can be considered an average ratio. Let us have a look at the books written by psychologists and analysts regarding the
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