Why Women Should Be Allowed In The Military

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could not do the required amount, so the Marine Corps had to make a change. Conzachi states: The United States Marine Corps quietly announced recently on social media that the current requirement for female Marines to do a minimum of three (3) pull-ups as part of their training by January 1, 2014 has been delayed for another year. Currently, females are not required to do even a single pull-up, but rather a test called a “flexed-arm hang” in which they can score points based on the amount of time that they can hang from a pull-up bar absent any gear. A maximum score can be obtained if they hang for 70 seconds with their chin over the bar.
This does not seem like something that would be considered “equal” since the Marine Corps had to completely change the requirements to make it more
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If someone who has had injuries in their arms can still do pull-ups, why is that healthy female military members cannot manage to do the minimum of three is that is considered equal for both male and female participants? They should not be lowered because they are equal to both male and female and it is also the standard that has been required from both groups. Another reason on why women’s physical requirements for the military should not be lowered is because that is the standard and should be met by everyone who wants to join. For instance many would not want someone that is under qualified to be putting their life on the line or the lives of other comrades if they are not capable of doing what has been the standard for many years now. The standards in the military vary from branch to branch, but the standards have been there since the very beginning and that is why everyone regardless of gender needs to be able to do the standards (Dockterman 2014) The most talked about branch is the Marine Corps. For this branch the standards were doing as many pull-ups as possible, a two minute time limit
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