Why Women Should Not Fight For Their Country

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Although many people argue against integrating women into military combat there are many reasons why women should be allowed to fight for their country. 1920 was a big year for women, it being the year women were able to vote, thanks to the 19th amendment. Being the year women were allowed the right to vote, thanks to the 19th amendment, 1920 was a big year for women. After this monumental achievement numerous other barriers were being broken down and as time went on women were slowly gaining power and equality. However, even though the rights of women have increased over time there still are a few hurdles that have to be overcome; one of which is being able to fight in military combat.
Advantages of Women in War
Women and war are two things that have always been considered to have little in common. Although this may be the case, women can be very beneficial on the front lines of combat. For example, having women participate in combat allows for a greater sense of diversity in the military bringing in more intelligence, creativity, insight and empathy - qualities that male dominant units often lack. (Wilcox, 1992) Also, women bring a unique level of “social sensitivity,” the ability to read the emotions of other people. Wagner (2008) states that on today 's battlefields social sensitivity is a crucial skill for military professionals.
Another example for having women participate in combat is simply having more soldiers fighting. From 1940 until 1973 men were drafted to fill…
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