Why Women Should Not Have Political Rights

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During the late 19th and 20th century, many political and social events like the persons case, suffrage, and both world wars aided in transforming Canada 's meaning and purpose for a woman. Many political figures like Emily Murphy and Alberta 's Famous Five played large roles in characterizing the rights and freedoms of a woman. Secondly, the roaring twenties was a time for females to challenge their traditional roles and prove that they have much broader capabilities than to stay at home. Finally, women began to fill the gap of men in the workforce and assisted overseas during the world wars. Both world wars served to shift gender roles in Canada since women in Canada participated in non-traditional roles and gained political rights.
One of Canada 's most influential figures of the 1920 's that shifted gender roles and the way women are portrayed was Alberta 's Famous Five. The famous five which included the likes of Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby, and Menrietta Edwards, changed the notion that women should not have political rights. For one achievement, a member of the famous five by the name of Nellie McClung made great changes in granting women rights. Nellie McClung started a movement to gain women’s suffrage and strongly supported prohibition. Nellie was successful with women’s suffrage, but later lost her legal seat as a punishment for supporting prohibition. “Women had first to convince the world that they had souls, and then that they
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