Why Women Should Not Wear

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Women have been held responsible for men sexualizing and objectifying their bodies for centuries, and unfortunately this ‘blame’ and ‘guilt’ still lies upon the female even in the twenty-first century. In public schools, young girls are often the ones reprimanded for “being a distraction” in the classroom. This seemingly difficult and controversial problem is actually quite simple to dissect; however it is a part of a larger issue. Put simply, one’s clothing should not be determined by another’s opinion. It is the viewer’s responsibility to control however someone’s choice of clothing makes them feel or react. Teaching the posterity that women must conform to men’s standards and that men’s opinions of what females can or cannot wear is baffling of a species that claims to be the most intelligent on Earth. Globally, women around the world are punished emotionally and physically for what piece of fabric they decide to put on their bodies, and it is time for that to end. In an article entitled “You Dress According To Their Rules” by the Human Rights Watch Organization in 2010, violence against women regarding their fashion and how it defied “compulsory Islamic dress code” skyrocketed in Chechnya. One summer day, a woman named Louiza was walking down a street, chatting with her friend. They were dressed in shirts with sleeves to the elbow, skirts a couple inches below their knees, and loose hair. A car rolled up right next to them, and suddenly Louiza found herself

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