Why Women Should Start Receiving At The Age Of 40

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Cancer. One of those words that repeatedly echoes in your head, drowning your thoughts, consuming your body… wondering, why you? How didn’t I find out sooner? Due to the many health benefits of mammography, women starting at the age of 40 should be required to have yearly mammograms. The discussion of mammography continues to rise in controversy, especially regarding why women should start receiving mammograms at the age of 40. Two conflicts that continue to threaten women against mammograms are the amount of radiation exposure and the evidence that mammograms can cause false positive results. Although there are negatives, mammography is peculiarly important in the solidity that they can detect cancer two years in advance and is able to pick up very small lesions.

Mammography is a series of X-rays that shows images of the soft tissues of the breast. Mammography is a quick, generally painless test that usually takes less than 20 minutes. “The value of mammography is early detection,” states “Harvard Medical School Health Topics A-z.” The also express, “early detection saves lives and, in many cases, also saves the woman’s breast by identifying the cancer at a very early stage when it is most easily treated and is not life threatening.” Some cancers mammography is able to detect are benign, which means, not cancerous, or malignant, cancerous. In 2006 my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the very young age of 34, younger than the suggested age to start…

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