Why Women Wash the Dishes

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Why Women Wash the Dishes by Filomena Colendrino
Narrator: In the town of Tralala there once lived a couple named Kikoy and Kikay. Every meal time they quarreled over the chore of washing the dishes. Kikay would scold Kikoy if he refused to wash the dishes. Sometimes she would become angry and call him names, and if he talked back she would get her coconut midrib broom and chase him with it. He would run to the house of his ‘Compadre’ and hide there till his wife’s anger had passed.
One day just as they were finishing their lunch, Kikoy announced..
Kikoy: I am not going to wash the dishes any more. He threw out his chest and lifted his chin.
Kikay: Why say so? holding up her chin higher.
Kikoy: I say so, I worked hard in the
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Perhaps no one’s home.
Narrator: They heard the neighbor say to himself.
Neighbor: But why did they leave their ladder at the door? They usually remove the ladder when they go away. Well, I will just go up, get the makeup and return it later. The neighbor went up. When the neighbor went up the bamboo ladder he was surprised to see Kikay and Kikoy sitting silently at the table where plates had dried with left-overs. He hurried towards them Oh my gulay!! What happened to you Kikoy??, what happened? he asked Kikoy
Narrator: Kikoy neither moved nor talked.
Neighbor: The neighbor repeated his question: What happened to you “Compadre”? He took Kikoy’s shoulders.
Narrator: Kikoy let him shake him, closing his lips lighter. Neighbor: The neighbor turned to Kikay. Speak Sisterlaloo what happened? She shook her shoulders, too.
Narrator: She pushed him roughly aside but did not speak.
Neighbor: Ay deadma lang ang peg?! So you won’t make me pansin?! Did you eat something poisonous? Some food that has made you dumb? She shook each one alternately. But still neither stood up or talked.
Narrator: The neighbor was alarmed. She did not get the make up but ran out of the house to the rest of the neighbors. She told them that something terrible had happened to Kikoy and Kikay.”Oh my gee, something terrible happened to Sister Kikay and Kikoy! They didn’t make me pansin awhile ago.” The neighbors gathered at Kikoy’s dining room.
Man 1: They took turns

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