Why Workers At Tewksbury Physical Therapy

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Problem Not every worker at Tewksbury Physical Therapy gets a break during their shift. There are sixteen workers here, and only seven of those workers have scheduled lunch breaks, and another 4 are able to take a break when they have a free minute. For the remaining workers, we are left to be constantly working with only maybe time for a snack while we treat a patient or print our insurance benefits. Every worker at Tewksbury Physical Therapy deserves a break because breaks help workers be more productive and have a higher energy level, have better employee engagement, and there are requirements by the law for Massachusetts that say workers have an opportunity for a break. Reasons Why All Workers at Tewksbury Physical Therapy Should…show more content…
Taking a lunch break refuels your mind. After lunch, you can focus on your work and not your growling stomach. If you feel guilty about taking a break, remember that they do not have to be long. A fifteen to twenty minute break will be sufficient enough to recharge you. Studies go further and even recommend taking a nap if it is allowed because your body is completely recharged after a twenty minute nap. Also if you have a longer break time, it is a good idea to work out after your meal (Cooper, 2014). Currently at Tewksbury Physical Therapy, six out of eight of our therapists do get a lunch break. One of them, a man named Michael, happens to get a two hour lunch block, so he always works out after he eats unless he is tired. Then he takes a nap. Our office is able to allow him to do both because as a physical therapy office, we have gym equipment and patient rooms with beds. Employee Engagement A lunch break does not have to mean eating alone, sitting in your office. In face NY Times recommends that you do not just sit, but instead go for a walk, and actually move around (Korkki, 2012). Fast Company adds on to that thought by saying if it is nice out, eat outside to “refresh your attention span” (Cooper, 2014). Whether you are eating outside on a nice day or going for a walk, you should not go alone. Grab a co-worker or two and eat and walk together. This will help you get to know the other
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