Why World War I Began

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There is no cut and dry answer why WWI began. It seems like all of the countries were acting as if they were a group of teenage girls in high school gossiping about one another and doing antagonistic things to badger each other to make themselves feel better due to their own insecurities. It could be argued many ways why WWI started but I believe that it was brought upon by grudges that were held over a long period of time, until, “the straw that broke the camel’s back”, which was the assassination of the Archduke France Ferdinand. With support from Germany’s blank check, Austria-Hungary secured a bond with Germany that led to Franz Joseph signing his declaration of war on Serbia. With tensions building between the two countries, prior to the assassination, there were definitely things that had been boiling under the surface. The responsibility of WWI does not lie on one country; all participants played a role in its beginning whether it was direct or indirect. Many tensions were building up throughout Europe. Nationalism, Militarism, and Imperialism are reasons that led to WWI among others. Imperialism is unequally and forcefully taking over another country which is what many countries were doing before WWI. Europeans started taking over small countries just for the resources and power. Nationalism was developed and it created a dedication and devotion between an individual and there country. Individuals began to have pride of their country along with patriotism. This
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