Why Year Round School Is More Harm Than Good

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Children Need Summer Break
Students look forward to getting out of school for summer. They count down the last few days until the bell rings on that last day and they are out for summer break. They get so excited to be able to go on vacations, spend more time reading, visiting family, and of course, sleeping in. Children also look forward to going back to school after summer break. They are so excited for the first day of class that they have to get all new school supplies. They wake up extra early and are ready to learn on that first day. If school was all year round, I believe students would never look forward to school and would affect their learning. Therefore, in my opinion, I do not believe school should be year round.
Why Year Round School Is More Harm Than Good
Year round schooling is a topic that is emerging widely throughout the United States in this day and time. It is said that it is suppose to better the school systems and help students with their schoolwork. However, I think year round schooling could do more harm than good to students, families, as well as teachers. A few ways that it could be more harm than good are that the school would have to spend more money to keep the school running, not enough vacation time, and conflicts with the teachers and administrators. With year-round school, the budget will go up with the cost to provide food, utilities, and other things that are provided for the students. In order for the school to stay up and
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