Why You Could Start Any Business Right Now

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If you could start any business right now, knowing it was going to be successful before you even started, what business would you start? Stumped aren’t you. While the answer of this question may come easy to some, it does not for most others. This is a question that I used to form my own company. First, let me give you some crucial background on myself. I love business, and since I was in sixth grade, I knew that I would study business in some form or another. I sold candy in middle school and in my senior year in high school. This year, I have started a calculator renting business and a clothing brand called “Entr3pnr™” that encourages people to become and think like entrepreneurs. To me, the calculator renting business only serves as passive income for me; however, I have a vision for my clothing brand, “Entr3pnr.” Ideally, I want to grow it to be large enough so that it becomes a full time job, so I will never have to actually work for another person a day in my life. However, I am not writing this paper to discuss my businesses. I am writing this paper to illustrate the position I take on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. The position I am taking is that everyone should strive to be an entrepreneur at some point in his or her lives. Before I get into the arguments of my thesis, I must first define the word entrepreneur. According to Webster, an entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in…
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