Why You Need To Be Armed Essay

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Weapons are a strict no while travelling. It is usually a known thing to every passenger travelling via aircrafts. But in many cases, there are people who turn up with either small or middle sized yet suspicious weapons in the airport premises. So, it is better to understand as to when you can and when you cannot bring in the weapons and moreover, actually when you will be allowed to take one on board. This is so because there are many times and situations when the airport authorities allow people to take their respective weapons on board.
In the course of the jobs, some passengers are required to carry weapons, typically Federal Marshals on terrorist patrol, law enforcement officers travelling to pick up or deliver prisoners, and airline pilot with special clearance to carry a weapon. Police officers, military personnel, body guards, performing
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All firearms must be packed in a checked bag, unloaded. Ammunition must be packed in the original container. You must tell the ticket counter agent that your bag contains a firearm, so check in at the assistance line instead of the kiosk. The agent will fill out a form that you must show to the TSA agent. The TSA agent may inspect the weapon.
Another cautionary note for hunters is powder residue on hunting gear. Hunters often travel in the coat they wear in the woods to save packing space. This trace of powder can be detected with TSA equipment designed to target concealed explosives. The instructor who told me this is an avid hunter himself who found out about powder residue the hard way.
The preceding information assumes your weapon is a gun of some type, but other weapons are transported as well. And seriously, Ninja warriors, you may know tricks to make yourself appear invisible, but metal detectors will spot your stars and nun chucks every
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