Why You Should Hire a Felon

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The Pursuit of Happiness – Denied Why do I believe you should hire a felon? It’s been said that when somebody has something to prove, they will move mountains for you. How much does an individual coming out of a situation such as prison have to prove? Plenty. Not only to you as an employer, not only to society in general, but also to his family and everyone else who doesn’t believe that someone who has been imprisoned can make anything of themselves in life. President Kennedy stated in an article titled, Address to the American Newspaper Publishers, "An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it. We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors; and we expect you to point them out when we miss them”…show more content…
It’s because we choose to continue to blame them and hold them accountable for past discretions. A study in Maryland found that, “those who did not return [to prison] as a result of education saved the state $24 million per year, twice the state's investment in its correctional education program” (Cronin). Everyone knows with higher education comes better opportunities, and a chance to have a “real life”. As a result, you may want to argue that they are a risk to the workplace. Just because an individual has not been imprisoned, doesn’t mean that they’re not a criminal. How many people download illegal books, music, or even movies? How many people do you know text while they’re driving? You may have done a couple of these things before, but since it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t matter. “In 2000, employee theft accounted for the largest share of retailers’ inventory losses ever reported in the survey’s 10-year history. At 45.9 percent, employee theft far outpaced shoplifting, administrative error and vendor fraud cost, the report said. Unfortunately, living in paradise offers little protection from such thefts, say those familiar with San Luis Obispo County’s retail crime.”(Stevens) “Some major county retailers agree with the findings of a survey that said retail employees do them more harm than shoplifters.”(Stevens) In 2002 alone the Retail Security Survey showed it was in excess of $31 billion just from

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