Why You Should Optimize Your Website

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This research study from other credible authors have stated the purpose, or reasons, of responsive design whether it be from a mobile or tablet devices. Responsive design isn’t about just getting the right information at a faster rate of time, but to ensure the user-experience is effective and concise. When people hear the word mobile web, it is absolutely being well understood of what it means. Mobile web refers to where people are accessing through the Internet on their mobile devices and accessing information to whatever users are searching (Mckee, 2014). According to the article, “Why You Should Optimize Your Website” by Suzanne McKee, tells readers like us that there are about 77% of people who have mobile devices (Mckee, 2014). This leads to a very well define conclusion, if you will, that mobile users are looking for information about a company’s product using their mobile devices regardless if it’s smartphones or tablets. As more users are getting into their mobile devices, responsive web design has its own future too when it comes to user experience. Additionally, responsive design is becoming more emerging into the world. Mobile users use their devices in three common ways – to search, to directly navigate to a destination website, send a link to themselves via email so they can visit it later (Savitz, 2012). This is the reason why responsive design is becoming more popular and is ascending into its trends. Responsive web design is flexible and it takes full

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