Why You Should Stay In High School Persuasive Essay

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You either are in middle school or believe the high school movies you see on TV or you’re about to go or you are already a high school freshman and it’s not going so well. The thing is if you’re worried about the people in high school then you’re worried about the wrong thing. The only thing that you should be worried about in high school is the fact you’re trying to get the hell out of there. Graduate and go. Don’t get too caught though because you’ll end up needing personality too. You need a healthy balance of both keep your grades up and make some good friends. I would go in depth about grades and things but you’ve basically heard all about that already and its school you’re going to hear even more. Just graduate with a 3.5 or higher don’t bullshit get all your credits and make sure you don’t apply for colleges to late don’t procrastinate and make sure you’re walking on stage by the end of senior year.…show more content…
Friends make sure you’re making some good friends no matter what grade they are in you can talk to older, same age, younger. You see all types of people in high school. You never ever know who you’re really making friends with at all even if it takes a year for them to actually become who they truly are at the end in high school. It’s so easy to get trapped in your feelings don’t let people take your dignity away or anything you don’t see fit for yourself just end it. Stay confident but stay humble. Drugs/Alcohol just
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