Why You Should Stop Attending Diversity Training

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Patterns of diversity are changing similarly all of the world. The world is becoming less Westernized, more urbanized, and more connected (Ross, 2011). I feel the article “Why you should stop attending diversity training” nailed the “concern” of being inclusive on the head. Inclusion describes which individuals are allowed to participate and are enabled to contribute fully in a group. (Miller, 1998). When employees attend such trainings, they leave feeling like they need to tip toe around their coworkers because they are afraid of offending others and having a finger pointed at them. I agree that there should be communication training in place of diversity training. It’s too often I see and hear people quickly becoming offended. Who are we as people if we can’t talk to other people without worrying if we are going to offend them? People need to stop looking to be offended.…show more content…
One of the main advantages to having a diverse workplace is the synergy that occurs between people from different backgrounds, cultures and work values. Employees feel good about diversity that occurs naturally, instead of forcing diversity into the workplace. When diversity is the primary concern, members of nonminority groups sometimes feel excluded, and that minority groups are receiving preferential treatment. The opposition to diversity management manifests itself in many ways. The most detrimental is an employee who is resentful concerning diversity (Pros & Cons of Diversity). Drawing attention to a “problem” only makes it
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