Why You Shouldn T Fail Research Paper

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You are an extraordinary, sensational, and incredible young man! Like I said before you are full of so much potential and it pains me sometimes to see you ignore it because you could be so much more if you put a little more effort. Being lazy shouldn’t be an option in your life, procrastinating shouldn’t exist in your life. If you have something that you are stretching towards, go for it! If you’re waiting for something to occur, it’s never going to happen. You got to get up and do it yourself. Your way of thinking is far beyond your age and it’s remarkable. You’re 15; however, you surpass everyone’s expectations. You are unique. People will not be able to understand why you are the way you are. Now what I’m about to say don’t let your ego…show more content…
I know you have goals and aspirations. Protect them dearly! Don’t follow the crowd ever. Let others follow you! I see the leader in you! Never be afraid of failure. Why? Because everyone faces failure some point in their life. It will be hard, painful, confusing, and it will make you want to quit. But are you really trying if you don’t fail? You will need to fight through it, to push forward, to go against all that is opposing you because failure will help you figure out what path you really should be on. You keep getting up no matter how many times you fall. Don’t allow any situation to control you. You continue even when everyone else gives up. It doesn’t take much to be at the bottom; however, it requires a great amount of effort to reach the top. The choice is up to you…whether you want to live a life where you are constantly asking yourself “What am I doing with my life?” or would you rather live a life where you may not be sure what is behind the next door but you are confident that you can take on any challenge that life throws at you? There are 1440 minutes in one day, are you taking adavtage of every minute. You have this opportunity of a life time but it means nothing if you don’t take adavantage of
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