Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person

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Society has conditioned us to believe that love equates to romance. Western society has plagued love with the ideals of fairytales and romance. We all have seen and heard the cliché and trite sayings, “True love is once in a lifetime” or “Love is blinding”. As discussed in “Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person” author Alain de Botton asserts that society’s idea of love is impractical. He explains how marriage in the western world was once a marriage on convivence but is now since a marriage of feeling. This idea however, is challenged in the article “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This” where author, Mandy Len Catron claims that who you love is your choice. By highlighting the imperfections of love, de Botton makes the assertion that…show more content…
Catron expresses her experience: “We all have a narrative of ourselves that we offer up to strangers and acquaintances, but Dr. Aron’s questions make it impossible to rely on that narrative. Our was the kind of accelerated intimacy” (Catron 2). Through this statement, Catron expresses how natural the predisposition is to only rely on the depth lacking idea of yourself. She emphasizes how there is no way to dance around the study but to merely answer the questions. This study however, is flawed with Catron because she does indeed have emotions involved with her acquaintance. This assertion connects the idea of de Botton’s implied idea that we do not ask the right questions or do the right activities. By asking these prodding questions, Catron and her university acquaintance relationships moves from frivolous to long term relationship. Continuingly, de Botton expresses how emotions in love complicate relationships whereas, Catron proclaims that feelings enhanced relationships. By continuing to refer to emotions as modern love’s error, de Botton makes the argument that people want to duplicate the love they have felt early on in life. For instance, when he states, “We are looking to create, within our adult relationships, the feelings we knew so well in childhood. The love most of us will have tasted early on was

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