Why Youth Sports Are Good Forkids

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Many parents wonder how their children are spending time after school. They are concerned about what they are doing at home, at the mall, with their friends, or during time spent alone. Others worry about their children's health or their tendency to be overweight, something that can cause them to be the object of ridicule. There is one good solution to many of their concerns, and it involves physical activity that is the result of being involved in sports. Youth Sports are important to keep kids healthy and out of trouble. First, a parent must discover what kind of sport their child wishes to play. They could have their son or daughter ask other friends from school about what they are doing. That would enable the child to…show more content…
I really want to go to a university and swim competitively. Overall swimming is difficult because you have to be better then the next swimmer. (Alex Rantz) While sports are a great way for kids to stay active, there are some alternative choices if children are not having fun with the sport. There are many of after school activities in which they can get involved once they are in junior high and high school. As a seventh grader or twelfth grader, there are many opportunities to participate in non-sport activities. These activities include drama, photography, Key Club, yearbook, D.E.C.A, Auto Club, Leadership, and much more. If a child does not participate in sports or after school activities, what are they doing after school when their parents are at work? What do the parents think they are doing? Even if their parents know their kids are at home or at the mall, what are they doing at those locations? One wishes they would not have to worry about it while they are at work and the clock signals "schools out." Most parents wish they did not have to sit and worry about it. There are places parents can turn to if they are even a little concerned, such as The Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, other parents who stay home with their kids, or even neighbors. There are many options for kids after school besides going home. A statistic shows that 73 percent of all

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