Why are Mixed Schools a Better Option?

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Single sex school is a major problem that we face in our modern world it has advantages and well as disadvantages. Why mixed schools is better than single one?. There are many reasons to prove that idea. This essay talks about why mixed schools is better than single one with evidences and supports. This essay supports the idea of why this is a negative impacts on the society. Some people saw that single one is better and they have their points of view and their opinions. They also saw it improves the education of their children either boys or girls. But what is the benefits of having boys schools or girls schools only? Is that what we need in our life nowadays?. Does it perform like mixed one?. Many questions are asked by people who are with or against single sex schools. On another hand it had many disadvantages 1-It makes boys and girls had fewer experiences. 2-It affects their academic achievement. 3-Affects the communication between both genders. 4- Single sex-schools don't prepare you for life where men and women have to work together.

The biggest disadvantage that results from single gender schools is fewer experience. People who went to same sex schools tend to interact less with the other gender and that doesn't just affect their relationships in work It actually affects their personal relationships as they would find it hard to develop a relationship with the other gender. According to Web M.D magazine a boys brain utilizes a larger part of the
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