Essay Why are People Attracted to Destructive Leaders?

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Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Lucifer; the list could go on. All these men had one thing in common; they were extraordinary leaders who gained loyal followers. These men also had several differences; the biggest being that some were destructive with their power and their ideals weren’t exactly on par with normality. Yet, what made people follow and respect the wishes of leaders who were destructive and insane? The attraction to these powerful leaders is found in the way that they are able to fill a void in that individual’s life. This void could consist of longing for safety and care, being lonely, or even missing…show more content…
Imagine when they heard about Reverend Jim Jones and his message of acceptance for everyone. Reverend Jim Jones preaching is what drew minorities to flock to his following, even moving from great distances to join his church. Lastly, humans have a deeply engrained need for love and support and to be accepted. These destructive leaders seem to greatly understand how to accomplish making these lost, searching souls feel accepted. To many, it is almost like the family they never had. The ability to fill this void is what separates the good leaders from the great ones. This is what Sun Myung Moon did. Sun Myung Moon established the unification church. This church lives by the principles that Sun Myung Moon is the second coming of Christ and that he is to be treated like a god. The way that Sun Myung Moon builds his church is by reaching out to young people and inviting them to join his new and more loving family. Hitler was even said to have made people feel welcome and loved. A former maid recently spoke of how Hitler was the nicest boss she ever had and that she felt welcomed and wanted in his household. She stated that 'He was a charming man, someone who was only ever nice to me, a great boss to work for. You can say what you like, but he was a good man to us.’ She also said that he came up to her a year or so after she handed in her resignation saying he missed having her around the house. In conclusion, many of

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